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Callan's Thematic Jigsaws 1

These photocopiable group stories focus on vocabulary building along common themes and stimulate discussion through controversial questions in the areas of relationships and ethics. Thematic Jigsaws 1 and Thematic Jigsaws 2 contain the same stories, at different levels.  For each book's CLB levels, click here. Click here for how to order the book.

Themes addressed in both books include:

  • family
  • health (a skiing accident, a car accident)
  • transportation (driving, taking a bus and taking a plane)
  • immigration and the stages of adjustment
  • shopping (buying a dress and later returning it)
  • personal descriptions (including hair vocabulary: dyed, permed, trimmed)
  • banking (exchanging money, cashier theft)
  • housing (furnishing an apartment and a break-in)
  • daily routines
  • gender roles and housework (incuding adjectives of frequency)
  • Christmas (the beloved story "The Gift of the Magi")


 Not sure which level is right for your class--Thematic 1 or 2? Click on the image below to get an idea of the difference in level between the two books. 

 Take a look at the illustrations below for the Sharing Housework jigsaw to see how well the text is visually supported to aid comprehension:

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