St. Patrick's Day for Low Beginners

Posted by Nancy Callan on 8 March 2019 | 0 Comments

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Your ESL or EFL students will notice people wearing green on March 17th and may see shamrocks and leprechauns. Help them crack our cultural code with a lesson on St. Patrick's Day. Teachers are welcome to download the following strip story for low beginners for non-commercial classroom use. Click on the images and a PDF lesson will pop up that you can print out. If it is too low for your students, perhaps you could pass it on to another teacher as low beginner materials are often hard to find. 

I start by having students practice the vocabulary. These words and images are meant to be cut out by students and then matched:

I'm a big fan of having students read the story, cut it up, put it back together, and read it again. And again! Rinse and repeat. I find beginner students enjoy the repetition and practise. 

And here is the cloze exercise that will pop up with this lesson. 


Let me know how it goes. Keep in touch with me on Twitter @ESLjigsaws 

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