Remembrance Day for Very Low Beginners

Posted by Nancy Callan on 15 October 2017 | 0 Comments

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Help your students crack the cultural code with a simple story on Remembrance Day. Created for LINC 1, this story is geared to very low beginners. If it's not right for your level, perhaps you could pass it on to another teacher who could use it--it's completely free to download for classroom teacher use. 

I'm a big fan of cutting stories up and having students put them back together. I start the lesson by having students practice the vocabulary with a matching exercise:

I then have them read the story, then cut it up, then put it back together, and then read it again. My low beginner students do a lot of things over and over. 

The story is followed up with writing practice with a cloze passage. Click on any of these images to download the lesson for use in your own classrooom. Have fun!

If this lesson is too simple for your students, you can find a very slightly higher version of Remembrance Day in Callan's Canadian Holidays for Low Beginner here. If your students are mid beginners or intermediate, you may wish to try a jigsaw from Callan's Holiday Jigsaws 1 or Callan's Holiday Jigsaws 2, respectively.

Let me know how it goes. Keep in touch with me on Twitter @ESLjigsaws 




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