New Year's Activities for Beginner and Intermediate

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The most common ESL activity for the first class back after New Year's is writing New Year's Resolutions. It’s a great way for beginner classes to practice the future tense and can make for some fun reading if posted in the classroom. 

Watch for the confusion of wishes or dreams or plans with resolutions that is common with beginner students. “I will win the lottery,” for example, is not a resolution. 

Feel free to use these ESL Jigsaws images below and more for non-commercial classroom use for a resolutions matching exercise or to inspire ideas for resolutions, such as:

  • I will study English for half an hour each day at home. 
  • I will exercise more. 
  • I will speak more English.
  • I will take the bus more.
  • I will lose 10 pounds.
  • I will help more with housework. 
  • I will quit smoking. 
  • I will eat healthier. 


For a simple reading exercise for low beginners, click here

For intermediate English language learners, a more challenging activity could be asking students to recall (or search for) the top news stories of the past year. This could involve a look at how headlines are usually written and practice writing headlines. Once groups have chosen their top 5 stories, they can then debate the order in which they should place, from 1 to 5. Later, they can share their headlines with the whole class and see if they came up with the same ones.

For a jigsaw on New Year's, check out Callan's Holiday Jigsaws 1 and 2 or Callan's American Holiday Jigsaws 1 and 2. 


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