Environmental Jigsaw for Higher Levels

Posted by Nancy Callan on 29 May 2013 | 1 Comments

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When choosing a jigsaw that is appropriate for the level of your class, it’s important to remember that jigsaws are not passive reading exercises. These four skills lessons require the students to not only read their part, but to teach it to their classmates. Pronunciation and listening skills are key. 

More often than not in higher level classes, I have erred on the side of choosing a jigsaw that was too challenging, making it a headache for all involved. Until you are certain of the level of jigsaw your class can handle, choose one which seems as if it might be slightly too simple and see how they do. 

Unlike with beginner classes, in mid or upper intermediate or advanced ESL/ EFL classes, you have the option of preteaching the vocabulary or assigning it to your students to look up and define with English only dictionaries.

By popular demand, here below finally is a jigsaw for the higher level classes on global warming. Click on the text below to get a complimentary PDF of the entire lesson, including questions and a cloze exercise, to download.

If you are uncertain how to conduct a jigsaw lesson, click here

If you feel this lesson may be too difficult for your class, you can find an Earth Day jigsaw in Callan’s Holiday Jigsaws 2 or Callan’s American Holiday Jigsaws 2 or an environmental jigsaw on shopping habits in Callan’s Contemporary Jigsaws 2 which may be more appropriate for your level. 


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  • I tried out your sample jigsaw on Global Warming today with two classes of teenagers (high school, 16 year olds.) It was just such a happy coincidence that this should be the sample that you put on your site and that I was in the middle of that chapter with them. Those kids usually quite hard to get to work and to keep on task (English as a foreign langue is part of the mandatory curriculum here in France, and some kids hate it by the time they reach high-school), but today it went incredibly well. There was a little bit of noise, as expected, but they were at work and cooperating a good 90 percent of the time. I was delighted! Next week I'll give them the Earth Day jigsaw to close the chapter. Et voila!

    -Erwan Kergall, Martinique, France

    Posted by Erwan Kergall, 21/02/2014 8:32am (6 years ago)

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