LevelLiteracy to Mid-Beginner

Callan's Beginner Essentials

Callan's Beginner Essentials with illustrations by Mark Perrault is now in the field testing phase. To become a volunteer field tester, testing as many or as few pages as you prefer, download the field tester form HERE and email it to the address on the form. Click here to view a list of pages to choose from.

This skill building book is geared for literacy and low beginner ESL / EFL students with little knowledge of the sounds and letters or spelling conventions of English. 

The book uses mainly simple 2-6 letter words to exemplify English sounds and spelling conventions. Each phonics page is followed by a grammar page where students practice one of the following questions and short answers, using the vocabulary from the previous page. 

  • "What is it?"
  • "What are they?"
  • "Do you....?"
  • "Is it a....?"
  • "Are they....?"
  • "Is there....?"
  • "Are there....?"
  • "How many....?'
  • "Are you....?"
  • "Is he/she....?"
  • "Is it a.... or a ....?"

The first 2/3 of the book gives students the template to copy (eg. Yes, it is. / No, it isn't.) and the last third requires the student to answer the questions without guidance.

The book is "sanitized for your protection" meaning that you will not find odd, low frequency words or pictures that students do not readily understand. Teacher frustration level is greatly minimized by this thoughtful, soon to be well field tested material. 

When field testing is finished, the book may be ordered here: