Field Testing Has Begun for Callan's Beginner Essentials

Posted by Nancy Callan on 19 February 2018 | 0 Comments

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Field testing has begun across Canada and some parts of the United States for Callan's Beginner Essentials in literacy and low beginner English language classes with students who have little knowledge of the sounds and letters or spelling conventions of English. Field testers are welcome to test as few or as many pages as they wish until testing is completed. 

Each phonics page is followed by a grammar page where students practice questions and short answers, using the vocabulary from the previous page. 

If you would like to be a field tester, send this form to the address on the form and indicate which pages you would like to test.

Here below are the pages you can choose from to field test. The first 2/3 of the book gives students the template to copy (eg. Yes, it is. / No, it isn't.) and the last third requires the student to answer the questions without guidance. As the book takes a scaffolding approach, with a lot of repeat practice, lower classes may not have tested enough pages to be ready for the unguided practice after page 73.

Essentials Pages:

 1-2  B or D and "What is it?"

 3-4 B C D F and "Do you....?"

 5-6 C or G and "Is it a....?"

 7-10 B C D F G, Peer dictation review, and "Do you....?"

 11-12  H J K and "Is there a....?"

 13-14 L M N P and  "Do you....?"

 15-16  Qu R S T and "Is it a....?"

 17-18  V W X Y Z and "Is there a....?"

 19-20  B or P and "Is it a....?"

 21-22  M or N and"How many....?"

 23-24  L or N and "What are they....?"

 25-26  L or R and "How many....?"

 27-28  L or R clusters and word formation

 29-30  F or P and "Is it a....?"

 31-32  F or V and "Are they....?"

 33-34  V or W and "Is it a....?"

 35-36  P or T and "Do you have a....?"

 37-38  S or Z and "Is she....?"

 39-40  S or SH and "Do you....a lot?"

 41-42  CH or SH and  "Are they....?"

 43-44  CH or J and "Are there any....?"

 45-46  F  S  T  TH and "What are they....?"

 47-48  CK  SK  ST  X final sounds and "What is it....?"

 49-51  b c d g k m qu r s t v w  Consonant review and "Are you a....?", "Is he a....?", "Is she a....?"

 52-53 Short A sound and consonant review and "Are there any....?

 54-55  Short E sound and consonant review and "Is there a....?"

 56-57  A or E (Students fill in a or e) and "Is it a .... or a ....?"

 58-59  Short I and consonant review and "How many....?"

 60-61  E or I  (Students fill in e or i) and "Is it a .... or a ....?"

 62-63  Short O and consonant review and "Are there any....?"

 64-65  Short U and consonant review and "Are they....?"

 66-67  A or U  (Students fill in a or u) and "Is it a .... or a ....?"

 68-69  O or U  (Students fill in o or u) and "Is it a .... or a ....?"

 70-73  EA and EE  and consonant review and "Do you....?" and peer dictation practice

74-77  I__E  and __IGHT and consonant review and "What is it?", "What are they?" and "Are they....?" questions

           and peer dictation practice

 78-81  AI  A__E  __AY and consonant review and mixed questions, no template and peer dictation practice

 82-83  I or I__E or __IGHT and mixed questions, no template

 84-85  O or O__E or OA and mixed questions, no template

 86-87  A or AI or  A__E and mixed questions, no template

 88-89  I or  EA or EE and mixed questions, no template

 90 AL AR AW WA  and alphabetical order 

 91-96 Review Pages

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